Formatter Quick Peek

Here’s how easy the Kinstant Formatter is to use

First, go to the main page (you’ll be given a link and a password once you sign up):


Just browse to find your source document on your computer, and click on the upload button.

Then you’ll see this result:


See, the first upload button is grayed out, and the name of the document is there to confirm what happened.

Now, browse to find your cover on your computer.  If you don’t have one, Kinstant Formatter will create a placeholder cover for you.

Then click the cover upload button.


It’s displayed our image name, and now it’s time to generate your book.  The default options are shown, and normally are right for most documents.  If you need to tweak them later, you can.  Unless you really know what you’re doing as far as table of contents, let KF replace what you have or add a new one.

So enter your title, author, and publisher name (same as the author if you want).

Then click on Generate.  After a short period of crunching everything, you’ll see this:


Kinstant Formatter has created a .mobi file for you, you can use the Kindle Previewer that you get from Amazon to preview your book in the various different Kindle device modes.  If anyone wants, I’ll create another page to show you how to use the previewer, but it’s simple.

And one comforting note: you can check the box to delete the files from the KF server (which is the default) and you’ll know that no one else will ever have access to your source document. If you think you’ll want to regenerate the file with different options, you can leave it on the server temporarily (we still won’t use or share your data, I guarantee).

That’s it!  Now you’re ready to upload the .mobi file to your KDP account and start selling your book.

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