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“FINALLY: A Done-For-You Kindle Formatting Tool So You Can Focus On Bringing In Passive Income!”

Dear Friend:

You probably know how much money you can make from Kindle books.

Put simply, it ROCKS.

I haphazardly put a (quality) book up there a few months ago that’s netting $2k/month in passive sales. Not all of my books are like that, but they’re definitely racking up a very nice passive income.

Here’s the thing: Amazon will either always be #1 or they’ll spend millions of dollars trying. So publishing on the Kindle makes sense. There’s tons of traffic to capitalize on.

But let’s be honest – you probably know all of this.

If you’re like many people, it could be the formatting that’s holding you back.

I’m almost afraid to ask, but.. have you tried formatting your Kindle books yet?

Kindle Formatting Is EXCRUCIATING!

Here are just some of the issues with it:

  • You have to read through pages of 50-cent word language to understand how to even get started…
  • If you DON’T read everything, you will do it WRONG…
  • When you do it wrong, people will leave you HORRIBLE REVIEWS that impact your sales. And trust me…

People Are Not Afraid To Leave You
Horrible Reviews If Your Formatting Is Off.


Obviously if people knew how to format well, they would. Who wants bad reviews?

But It Is NOT Easy!

I ran a quick Google search for “kindle formatting sucks” and found thousands of results. Here are just a couple:

You can see that lots of people get bad reviews for formatting…


One woman dedicated an entire blog post to this problem.

…and that’s just what I found from a quick Google search.

You can see that this isn’t a 1-2-3 thing. You need to know HTML, it’s tedious, and if you do it wrong (which doesn’t always show up in the Kindle preview tool)… you’ll have no idea until you start getting bad reviews.


And The Tools Out There
Just Don’t Work. 🙁

As of right now, the options on the market (like MobiPocket or Calibre) are NOT sufficient.

MobiPocket hasn’t been worked on since January 2009 – over THREE years ago.

And Amazon said themselves that the ONLY way to make your book future-proof is to use KindleGen (which nobody else is using — except us, but more on that in a minute).

Can you imagine going through the excruciating pain of formatting 10 books… only to find that in a month’s time, you find yourself getting tons of bad reviews because Amazon changed their formatting algorithm again?


So Up Until Now
You’ve Had Three (Bad) Options:

Option 1: Use a BAD tool.

You could a tool that does NOT work very well (if you’re on a PC… prospects are bleak for Mac users).

The tools don’t clean up books the way they should be cleaned up, so you’d likely get bad reviews.

And if you didn’t get bad reviews now, you’d get them later, when Amazon changes their Kindle formatting formula.

This also means you’d get stuck with surprise work to do down the line. (No thank you… I thought Kindle meant PASSIVE income!)

Option 2: Hire someone.

You could hire someone to format your book for you. There are people like this. The woman I know who does this is in FULL DEMAND because there are no better options. While that’s great for her, what it means for YOU is that you need to pay $50 and upwards… and wait DAYS to have your book finished.

Option 3: Do nothing.

Sadly, many people get so discouraged about the formatting that they end up doing nothing.

It might sound extreme, but who wants to soil their reputation by getting bad reviews?

Not me, and I’m sure not you.

So doing nothing makes sense.

Luckily, We’ve Just Created
The Solution.

Introducing: Kinstant Formatter

Kinstant Formatter is the tool that will make your life MUCH easier.

In fact, we originally created it selfishly… because we got bad reviews ourselves and wanted to find a way to make it STOP.

This tool has been a lifesaver.

It’s a WEB-BASED tool (no software to download or understand!) that you can use to simply upload your MS Word documents…. and presto, it converts things for you.

“What Do I Get?”

Bottom line: You’re getting a deal…

Here’s why…I’ve seen firsthand how much money you can earn with quality Kindle books.

I’ve also seen firsthand how much money you can LOSE when the bad reviews about formatting start pouring in.

Now you’re basically eliminating any formatting-based bad reviews so that customers can just luxuriate in your great content.

Kinstant Formatter does all of this:

  • Eliminates the frustrating and weird page breaking on black and white Kindles… THANK GOD! (There are so many negative reviews because of this…)
  • Bullets look FAR better than usual…
  • You can remove all tabs (which look horrible on Kindle)…
  • Books with a few illustrative images – that are not overlapped – look GREAT… (Image-based or fixed layout books are NOT our specialty)
  • Your readers’ first impression, the Table Of Contents, is created in a breeze…. (with up to THREE levels per T.O.C.!)
  • Get premium level support that you simply cannot get from the open source stuff out there…
  • Future-proof all of your books… do the work ONCE and only ONLY… because Kinstant Formatter is using the ONLY tool Amazon has promised will work indefinitely…
  • As soon as you upload your file, it’s deleted by the server (we’ll never see what you create)….
  • PRIVACY: Because we delete everything immediately, we have no idea what books you’re uploading.
  • …and get it ALL done EXTREMELY QUICKLY with the done-for-you, web based tool!

I’m positive this is the BEST thing you could do to get your books formatted right.

And I imagine you’ll be pleasantly shocked when you see the price.

“Why Are You Pricing This So Low?”

Here’s the deal…

You can either spend hours formatting the book yourself. On the low end, let’s say you make $10/hour and it takes you 2 hours per book. That’s $20 a pop… not to mention lost opportunity cost of what you could be spending your time on.

You’ll probably also get so frustrated at how tedious the whole process is that you’ll get cranky, your frustration will bleed into the rest of your day, and you probably won’t get as much done as you normally could.

It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Think back to a time you’ve had to do painstaking, tedious, drudgery. How did you feel?!

So if you come up with 10 books a year and do it yourself, you’re losing $200 (on the low end), opportunity costs, and bad days.

On the other hand, you can hire someone. That’ll cost you $50 or so a pop, plus you’ll have to wait days to get your book returned.

So if you hire someone to do 10 books a year, you’re losing $500 plus weeks of time.

You could grab some of the other software on the market… but since it doesn’t work well, and Amazon already said it’s not guaranteed to work forever… that would be an even WORSE option. If you do that, you’re opening yourself up to bad reviews down the line, plus surprise work (you’ll have to re-format everything later on… and Murphy’s Law says you’ll find out about this on a day you have far too much to do anyway.)

With all that said… you probably see that we have the “tool du jour”. The no-brainer tool that will simplify your life by a LOT.

We could easily charge $97 or so for this. It would DEFINITELY be fair.

Here’s why:

– You get this tool, which would cost thousands of dollars to custom-develop

– It’ll end up making you WAY more profits if you use it consistently…

– AND! You can use it on a LOT of books!

But instead…

You Get To Format Each Book
For As Low As 6 Cents Each!

“What!? Let me order right now!”

Yep… depending on how much you format your books, you can get in for as low as $.06 per book.

Even if you choose our smallest option, our 100 credits…that works out to only $.27 per book.

This is an INCREDIBLE deal when you consider what you’d have to pay (in time and/or service fees) the other way.

You’d spend more to hire someone for just ONE book… and you wouldn’t get it back instantly.

Why are we pricing this so low?

Well, a few reasons:

1. While we’ve done a lot of testing for this so far, it’s still in beta. Things look like they work great right now, but there are always little random things that happen. If you purchase this with that understanding, and then alert us to any problems… we’ll get them fixed for you ASAP.

2. The bigger reason is that, like with all of our products, we price everything to overdeliver. We aim to give you a HUGE bargain every time you buy from us. Not only does it help us sleep at night, but it makes financial sense too. When you make more money with your online endeavors, and you can trace it back to us helping you…. you’re obviously going to tell people about us and buy from us again.

I’m Going To Make This Even Easier For You…
You Get A 30 Day “Love It Or Get Your Money Back”

If you don’t love my products, we really don’t want your money…

Yep, you read that right…

I would rather you be happy than have your money…I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and exploring all sorts of random things so I’m not really concerned with keeping your small investment if you’re not happy with this product. I know you will be but if not, that’s cool you’ll get your money back ASAP!…That’s The Bottom Line!

So if you’re not happy, you’ve got 30 days to tell me and I’ll refund your tiny investment within 24 hours.

Alright…it’s now time to take action…

Here’s What You
Need To Do Now:

Remember – this price is only available for a LIMITED TIME.

So the next steps are very simple.

You’re going to get everything within 60 seconds (or less) after purchasing.

You’ll get everything… no waiting!

By the end of the day, you could have one, two, or MORE Kindle books uploaded and ready for sales.

So, click on the “ADD TO CART” button below and secure your best possible price.….

Important note: All credits expire after exactly 12 months

Note: Yes, you can use your credits to format books as a service for others, no problem!

Option 1: 100 Formats For $27

Option 2: 500 Formats For $77

Option 3: 5000 Formats For $297

**** Need more credit options? Click HERE! ***

With love,
Rachel Rofe and Steve Henty

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