No more banging your head against the wall trying to format your Kindle book…

“Now ANYONE can upload a perfectly formatted money-making Kindle book… quickly!”

  • No more spending HOURS on tedious formatting…
  • No more rejected submissions that hold you back from making sales…
  • No more getting terrible reviews that kill off your sales because of bad formatting!

Check it out below…
Dear Kindle author:

If you know what you’re doing, Kindle rocks.

  • You get to leverage millions of hungry buyers, eager to buy from you
  • Your income LASTS – you can “set it and forget it” for many books…
  • It’s FREE to list… you don’t have to invest a PENNY upfront.

I’ve heard it compared to the “Wild Wild West” days of the web, with so much untapped opportunity. Except there’s a catch:

Have you tried formatting your Kindle books yet?

Kindle Formatting Is EXCRUCIATING!

Here are just some of the issues with it:

  • You have to read through mountains of of complicated, confusing language to understand how to even get started…
  • If you DON’T read everything, you will do it WRONG and your submissions will be rejected… costing you days of missed sales…
  • When you don’t do it right, people will leave you HORRIBLE REVIEWS that impact your sales.

And trust me…

I Know This From Experience. 

Rach copy 2My name is Rachel Rofé, and I have 40+ books of my own on Kindle, each earning up to $3k/month.

I’ve been using Kindle since 2008 and am a multi-bestselling author, publisher, and consultant to other Kindle authors.

I LOVE the opportunity that exists with Kindle… but I loathe how time-consuming and hard the formatting is.

You can have the best book in the world, but…

People Are Not Afraid To Leave You
Horrible Reviews If Your Formatting Is Off.

I learned this when I had a bestselling book that was selling like gangbusters, earning $3k+ a month…

Until I got THIS review:

“I really enjoyed reading this book. The content was pretty much what I expected and has helped me tremendously.

Unfortunately, the formatting of the book is appalling. I’m disappointed Amazon would allow users to purchase books with poor formatting.

I have complained to the customer service team.”

As you can imagine, sales slowed down tremendously after that.

And the part that stung the most? I had NO IDEA the formatting was that bad until I got that review. When I uploaded the book, the Preview tool made it look fine!

Obviously if people knew how to format well, they would. Who wants bad reviews?

But It Is NOT Easy!

I ran a quick Google search for “kindle formatting sucks” and found thousands of results. Here are just a couple:

You can see that lots of people get bad reviews for formatting…

See, adding a book to Kindle isn’t a 1-2-3 thing. You need to know HTML, it’s tedious, and if you do it wrong (which doesn’t always show up in the Kindle preview tool)… you’ll have no idea until you start getting bad reviews.


And The Tools Out There
Just Don’t Work. 🙁

As of right now, the options on the market (like MobiPocket or Calibre) are NOT sufficient.

MobiPocket hasn’t been worked on since January 2009 – almost FOUR years ago.

And Amazon said themselves that the ONLY way to make your book future-proof is to use KindleGen (which nobody else is using — except us, but more on that in a minute).

Can you imagine going through the excruciating pain of formatting 10 books… only to find that in a month’s time, you find yourself getting tons of bad reviews because Amazon changed their formatting algorithm again?


Up Until Now, These Have Been Your Options:

stop Use a bad tool (and that’s only if you have a PC. There aren’t even tools available for Macs). The tools out there don’t format well, they’re not future-proof, and it’s highly likely you’ll get bad reviews with them.

stop Hire someone. I know one woman in FULL DEMAND for her Kindle formatting services. She charges $50/book and you have to wait days – if not weeks – to get your book back.

stop Do nothing. One of my clients ended up doing nothing for over a month because formatting was so frustrating. She had countless missed sales, not to mention all the lives she could be changing with her knowledge….

Talk about a lose-lose situation, eh?

What if there was a better way?!

One day I was talking to a programmer friend I know, Steve.

I asked him if he’d be able to create a tool that could do the formatting for me. One that could run on my Mac, would be fine for someone completely incompetent technically, and one that would erase ANY chance of getting bad reviews.

Steve, being the genius he is, said yes.

Can you imagine…

smile  No complicated manuals to read… in fact, you could learn everything you need to know in a one minute video…

smile  No rejected submissions sending you back to the drawing board to figure out why your book is broken, costing you sales…

smile  No bad reviews due to bad formatting…

smile  Your book uploaded in 5 minutes or less….

smile  Positive, raving reviews on your books so you look like a total rock star…

smile  You getting more sales for your books because people judge it only on the content – not the formatting.

That’s EXACTLY what Steve created for me.

And I was so ecstatic about what he made, that I let some of my consulting clients use it.

Imagine results like these…

“My nightmare is over!”

When I decided to publish our first publication for the Kindle, I read everything I could find on how to be a successful Kindle publisher.

I kept getting so frustrated, I would quit working on it and avoid it for days on end, and soon a few months had gone by without my publishing our first Kindle publication.

I mentioned my frustration on a Facebook group and one of the members mentioned a tool she uses to format her e-books for Kindle, so I took her advice and bought the Kinstant Formatter.

It is so easy to use and their programmer/tech support person is my hero!

My nightmare is over! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Julie Parvis, Embrace Publications

“I have just uploaded two documents and I am absolutely DELIGHTED.

“I have just uploaded two documents and I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED.

Apart from a few tweaks to the original document, this is so quick. Thank you.

You have saved me hours and hours of work. Best money I have ever spent.”

– Diana Heuser

That feels much better, right?

Introducing: Kinstant Formatter

Kinstant Formatter is a formatting tool that will make your life MUCH easier.

In less than one minute, you can have a book formatted. PERFECTLY.

Check It Out In Action:

Easy to use for everyone!

Here’s what you get with Kinstant Formatter:

smile Get your books uploaded in just a few moments…

smile No software to download or understand…. this is a web-based tool that works on PC’s AND Macs…

new(2) Use this to upload books to other readers –  not just Kindle! We are now offering a standard ePub format so you can post to all kinds of places and maximize your book’s readership.

new(2) Make PDF’s with linkable Table Of Contents – Kinstant Formatter now allows you to make PDF’s that you can give to your audience, making this a one-stop-shop for all your formatting needs.

smile Future-proof all of your books… do the work ONCE and only ONLY… because KinstantFormatter is using the ONLY tool Amazon has promised will work indefinitely…

smile Publish your books in any language (We have happy users publishing in Spanish, French, and Greek so far…)

smile Upload many file types – we support doc, docx and odt

smile Make this VERY easy for your readers. This eliminates page breaking on black and white Kindles, makes bullets look GOOD, adds links in the Kindle’s “Go to…” menu for the cover, table of contents and NCX (location map), respects left indentations in your source documents, and respects and exists bookmarks “toc” & “start” from previous attempts to use KDP.

smile Upload images with no problem. Books with a few illustrative images – that are not overlapped – look GREAT… (Though fair warning: Image-based or fixed layout books are NOT our specialty).

Images are automatically resized, optimized and compressed to ensure the lowest file size possible. (This is important as your file size can have a huge impact on royalties.)

We also add a white background to transparent images so that they look as great as possible.

smile Your readers’ first impression, the Table Of Contents, is created in a breeze…. (with up to THREE levels per T.O.C.!)

smile Create placeholder covers which can be updated at any time…

new(2)  Publish your book on a website. Now you can get an HTML version of your book to put on a website, giving you lots of flexibility…

new(2)  Advanced: Make tweaks to HTML before uploading. If you’re familiar with HTML, you can make manual tweaks to your book before uploading it to KDP, making it as perfect as possible.

smile Receive premium support -KinstantFormatter is well known for a high level of customer service that you simply cannot get from the open source stuff out there…

smile  Keep your books a secret. As soon as you upload your file, it’s deleted by the server. We’ll never see what you create.

Here’s what other people say about it:

“If you publish Kindle books, this will save you more time than any other Kindle tool out there.”

This flat out works great. If you publish Kindle books, this will save you more time than any other Kindle tool out there. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

– CR Trainer

“Okay – just want to say that I tested this out and OMG it is sooooo fast!”

Okay – just want to say that I tested this out and OMG it is sooooo fast!

I can easily see what needs to be fixed/updated in my book.

Also I had a question about one of your FAQs and Steven got back to me immediately – great customer service.

I love tools that make my life easier, quicker and especially those that free me from doing tedious tasks.

Congrats, you definitely have a winner here.”

– Katie Darden

You can find even more reviews right here.

As you can see, this tool is a fantastic solution to all your Kindle woes.

“Do I have to plunk down hundreds of dollars for this?”

Here’s the deal…

We went over your options. You could use a bad tool. This will cost you lost time, a lack of sales (when the bad reviews pile up), and frustration down the line if Amazon changes their formatting rules.

You could hire someone to do it for you. This would be $50 PER book, plus you’d have to wait days to get it back (losing out on sales…)

You could spend hours on formatting yourself. How much do you make an hour? Let’s say $10 on the low end. If you come up with even 5 books, and spend 4 hours on each (totally reasonable)… that’s $200 down the drain. Plus 20 hours.

Of course you could also do nothing. Just give up on the whole Kindle dream.

Or, just purchase KinstantFormatter.

The price is certainly right:

Your Investment Is Only $27…
For Now.

“What!? Let me order right now!”

KinstantFormatter is a one-time payment of $27 for up to 1,000 formats.

As soon as you purchase, you’ll have a full until 1 Sept 2018 to use 1000 credits. Your credit card will never rebill.

This is an INCREDIBLE deal when you consider what you’d have to pay (in time and/or service fees) the other way.

You’d spend more to hire someone for just ONE book… and you wouldn’t get it back instantly.

Why so inexpensive?

Well, like with all of my products, I aim to overdeliver.

Not only does it help me sleep at night, but it makes financial sense too.

When you make more money with your online endeavors, and you can trace it back to my helping you…. you’re obviously going to buy from me again.

But The Price Isn’t Going To Stay
This Low Forever.

Thing is, even though I like to overdeliver… I know $27 is still very low.

As I said, you could hire someone to format ONE Kindle book for $50. And you’d get it back within days or weeks.

With KinstantFormatter, you get up to 1,000 books for $27 measly bucks.

Even if I doubled the price to $54, you’d still be getting a deal.

So the price WILL be rising. And after it does, we won’t be able to give you the current price. So I advise you to purchase it right now.

And you have nothing to worry about:

Your Purchase Is Risk-Free.

Use our formatting tool and eliminate your problems with formatting forever — with just a few clicks of a button.

If, upon using it, you decide that the complete elimination of negative reviews and ease of using this formatting tool are not worth the benefits…

And neither are more sales and happier customersthen just ask for your money back.

Tell us within 30 days and we’ll refund your small investment within 48 business hours.

30 days gives you a long time. You could upload 1000 books in that time.

Heck, you could goof off for 28 days and then in the last 2 days, format your book in a few minutes, get it up on Amazon, and watch the sales come in.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple.

Alright…it’s now time to place your order…

If you want to do really well with Kindle…
you need this.

Here’s the thing: thousands of new Kindle authors submit new books every month… but very few of those authors are able to go big and do really well financially.

The reason the few authors are able to go big is because they spend their time working on content for their books — NOT spending their time fighting with their formatting.

I know I don’t spend any more time worrying about formatting, and none of my clients do. And now you too can join these ranks.

Here’s What You
Need To Do Now:

Go ahead and place your order now.

You’re going to get everything within 60 seconds (or less) after purchasing.

You’ll get everything… no waiting!

By the end of the day, you could have one, two, or MORE Kindle books uploaded and ready for sales.

You won’t regret purchasing this – people who bought so far have been overjoyed and delighted. We have testimonials rolling in for this on a daily basis.

So, trust your intuition. Is it telling you “yes”?

If so, go ahead and click the “ADD TO CART” button below and secure your best possible price:

Sorry, Kinstant Formatter is not currently available.

Thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to see you on the bestseller list.

With love,
Rachel Rofe
Rach copy 2

P.S. If you got all the way down here, you must agree that formatting is  VERY IMPORTANT for your book sales.

It only makes sense for you to invest in this now if you’re ready for format and publish your book. The price is right, and you have absolutely nothing to lose with the risk-free guarantee. Order your copy now.

P.P.S. Before you leave this page just think for a moment about what will happen if you don’t get Kinstant Formatter.

Is this being a major roadblock for you – are you going to continue to struggle formatting your kindle books and eventually just give up on publishing a book you’ve already written?

Or is fear of having trouble with formatting going to keep you from writing a book that you really want to write?

Don’t let either of these options stop you – buy this now.